Nowadays, it is evident how the cloud storage reshapes the technology and make a new face of it. Without questioning its potential to upgrade business and transactions, how sure are we that these storages are secured and safe from any malicious theft or hacking?

It is no doubt that one of the best ways to do business related transactions is using the cloud storage. This innovation helps people to upload data or files to a network of connected servers. The cloud is near to the definition of internet wherein you can store data, services of programs on the internet than saving it on your computer locally. The storage has four main types namely: personal, public, private and hybrid. This article focuses on the cloud security challenges and how the system can assure you that everything you save is 100 percecipnt guarded.

Challenges on Cloud Security Storage

The security of the files saved in the cloud depends on the provider but significantly more on the organization utilizing it. The group should be organized enough to safe keep their data. But of course, the cloud system has authentication procedures to ensure that no authorized person will have access to the files. A non-profit organization called Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has different promotions and learning strategies on how a team can use encryption and multifactor authentication to guard the files whenever it is transmitted and moved. Moreover, there are other ways to secure a workspace using the cloud:

1. Check the data security center

The cloud platform has a guarded data hub to provide the needs of its servers. The rule of thumb is never to trust right away. Check first the details of the data center by your chosen supplier specifically their location. A trusted supplier should be transparent with all the information that needed to be disclosed.

2. Look for certifications for better reputation

Certifications are a live proof of being safe and distinguish supplier. For example is the ISO 27001 certification that is usually given to the organization that completed the highest accreditation for protection of information security. But, don’t stop on the certificates because sometimes it doesn’t tell the whole information. Make an effort to do a background check about a customer being satisfied or frustrated with their service.

3. Make an eye for internal security component

Nothing is more secure than your online workplace being in tandem with a specialized tool for security. In that manner, all information, data or files will have a permission first before accessing or transferred to another area. Aside from this, there will be a history tracker for the past data sharing or accessing.

These are the simple three ways to make sure that your cloud storage is secured. You can also use a top-ranked Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) for a more secure data keeping. CASB helps the organization to go beyond the length of the standard security system.

Technology hits the world in many advantages. However, without proper security, these positions may turn to destructive things. So, it is always best to guard what is yours and never let the strangers invade your privacy.