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     Welcome to my website!  I'm Thomas Lessman, a lifelong resident of Shawnee County and a 1996 graduate of Shawnee Heights.  For more info about me, see the Who IS Thomas Lessman section. 

     For almost 130 years (since 1879), my family has owned the Lessman Farm between Topeka and Tecumseh.  Part of the farm is dedicated as the "Kaw Region Art Park", an awesome grassroots art site containing Truckhenge, Beer-Bottle City and more.  We also have the well stocked 30-acre Lessman's Catfish Pond, and we host the annual "Truckhenge Local Music Festival".


 Did you miss the 2nd annual
Truckhenge Music Fest!?
Saturday, Sept 20, 2008,
We're already starting the groundwork for

Truckhenge Music Fest III (2009)

Details will be posted on the LessmanFarm events.html page




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Like history? Check out my
Talessman's Atlas of World History
One of the best history map sites online.
Includes detailed history maps, timelines & more!

<-----  Map of the old world in 1200 AD.

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Who IS Thomas Lessman?


     Professionally I'm an Information & Computer Specialist, with overall experience ranging from farming & landscaping, to the service industry, to labor & construction, to database maintenance & tech support.


     Publicly I'm a citizen activist known for standing up for what I believe in.  I've run twice for the KS House of Representatives (Dist. 53, Shawnee Heights area).  I volunteer for several citizen groups and grassroots initiatives.  I've coordinated rallies at the State Capital, the Shawnee County Courthouse, and Topeka City Hall, and rallies in Washington DC, New Jersey, and Albuquerque.  And recently I've been organizing concerts at Truckhenge.

     Privately I'm an amateur historian with a constructive interest in world history maps. I'm actually writing a book, for now we'll call it "Talessman's Atlas of World History".


     For more info about me, visit my News and Information pages.  Don't forget to visit my blog, the Neighborhood Watch Watch.



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Thomas' Contact Info:


  Phone:  785 - 230 - 4546

      FAX:  785 - 234 - 3486

  Mail Address:
    4124 NE Brier Rd.
    Topeka, KS 66616 




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